All uses of aluminum foil (in the kitchen and beyond)

Did you know that aluminum foil is excellent for cleaning, for ironing but also and for relieving pain? So let’s see all the uses of aluminum foil!

Foil, or aluminum foil, is excellent not only in the kitchen but also for household chores. Not everyone knows that among the less common uses of the foil there is to degrease and polish the most stubborn surfaces, or to help us iron in half the time.

The only area in which it must not be used at all in the microwave because tinfoil ignites in seconds. Let’s find out all its uses!

How to use foil?

As we have anticipated, his reign is the kitchen, where tinfoil is used to keep food warm, to cook in foil but also – and perhaps not everyone knows it – to clean burnt and encrusted pots. Then, however, there are many high uses: for pain, in the washing machine, for ironing … let’s see them in detail!

Use tin foil in the kitchen

Aluminum foil is excellent in the kitchen not only for delicious cartocci, but also for cleaning pans and removing fat. To make the shiny of the burnt pots just make large balls with paper and rub directly on the surface. In the case of old grease on pans or baking trays, you can use aluminum foil instead of steel wool.

To get a perfect result you will have to follow two steps:

  • First of all, pour a solution of lemon and baking soda on the dirt, and then leave to act for ten minutes.
  • With aluminum foil, you can delicately remove any dirt and product residues.

Foil paper, thanks to its ability to store heat, is excellent in the kitchen to keep food warm. For example, wrap the freshly baked bread or a chicken on the spit in aluminum foil and they will remain warm even for an hour. To make this method even more effective, wrap everything in a tablecloth, and keep it protected from drafts. Also in the kitchen, aluminum is useful for not burning a cake in the oven. Cover the top of the pan with an aluminum foil already halfway through cooking and you will see how your cake will reach a perfect leavening without burning on the top.

The benefits of foil for joint pain

Try the foil for joint pain. Aluminum foil is an excellent remedy to combat pain caused by arthritis or sciatica. Wrap them around painful parts, such as your fingers, knees, or elbows, and bandaged with a bandage. It can also be used to hold on a compress. Perform this procedure in the evening before going to sleep and leave it on overnight.

Foil for ironing

To speed up ironing times, you can place the foil on the ironing board on which you will place your clothes. The foil will absorb the heat and then iron the lower part for you while placing the iron on the upper part of the dress! Be careful, however, as usual, with items with prints that are irreparably damaged under the heat of the iron.

Tinfoil in the washing machine

Finally, it can also be used when doing laundry: according to the wisdom of the grandmothers, in fact, it would be excellent for obtaining soft and clean cloths. You have to make an aluminum ball roughly the size of a tennis ball and place it with the cloths at the time of washing. The result? Less static electricity, it will be easier to iron and the clothes will be even softer: grandma’s word!

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